UNILUX Projects - Mesa Quality Nextera Project

Mesa Quality Nextera Project

Mesa Quality worked closely with the homeowner and builder to select the right windows for this challenging project. The temperatures in northern Minnesota range from 30 below in winter to over 100 degrees in summer.  With this much glass, it was essential to have a system designed for high performance.   After carefully investigating many alternatives, the homeowner decided on Unilux Triple Glazed (48mm - 1-7/8" thick) Ultra Therm Lift & Slides with solid wood for warmth and aluminum clad to resist the elements. 

The architect, builder and homeowner decided to work with us because we can provide expansive operable and inoperable units with triple laminated glazings that have very high U-Values (Energy efficiency).

The construction group loved working with us because we are hands on and could provide installation.  Since this project was 27 hours from our homes, we got support from the local crew. 


Each unit weighed between 600 and 1400 lbs.  But, with our experience and specialized equipment, this presented no difficulty.

The temperatures were extreme! Seventeen below in the morning, only getting to five below all day!    The machinery, batteries, hands and feet were cold!  Don’t lick anything!

But, we got the job done, no complaining and had a blast with the local crew!

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