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Weiland Folding Doors

Folding doors maximize the size of an opening. Weiland builds standard bifold and Beefy Bifold door systems. Weiland folding doors are moving glass walls that help maximize the size of a wall opening and can enhance any view. Because folding door panels stack perpendicular to the wall when fully open, they’re a great way to optimize space when pockets are not possible. Weiland builds standard bifolds up to 10’ tall with individual panels over 3’ wide. Smaller sized standard bifold specifications are often used as a unique window solution for kitchens or bar areas. Wood, aluminum and aluminum wood systems fold either inward or outward, for added design flexibility. Weiland Beefy Bifold is a proprietary folding door designed for larger openings up to 13.5’ in height with individual panel widths up to 5’ (depending on configuration). The Beefy Bifold’s panels pivot on their center to efficiently use space, while the minimal bottom track creates a smooth transition between the indoors and outdoors. Versatility and size to maximize your space.

Easy Open - Easy Close

Weiland Folding Doors are very easy to open and close.

See how easy it is to open a Weiland Beefy Bifold door.

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