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Crimsafe Screen Enclosures, Window Screen & Screen Doors

Crimsafe Screen for Enclosures, Windows & Doors

  • Security
    Crimsafe’s unique internationally patented system stops break-ins like no other security screen.
    • The mesh is screw-clamped so it can't be kicked out. Screws are driven through both the clamp and the mesh and right into the frame on the other side, providing incredible strength.
    • Tamper-Proof Screws - Specially designed unique installation tools.
    • Tensile Tuff Mesh - Cut-proof, kick-proof heavy duty 304 Security Steel mesh.
    • Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Cape Screens feature the "Triple Anti-Crowbar System" to foil prying attacks while still allowing safe exit from inside.

  • Storm & Hurricane Protection
    The same features that protect you from intrusion, protect your home against hurricane damage.
  • Lowered Energy Costs
    Adding a Crimsafe screen improves the window's ability to block solar heat by up to 52%, lowering cooling costs while still allowing you to see out.
    • UV Protection. Leave the windows open to provide airflow, while still blocking UV and solar heat.
    • Security from break-in even with the windows open! Enjoy the breeze and fresh air day and night without worrying!
    • Energy cost savings & lowered green house gas emissions. Studies show that up to 40% of a home's energy for cooling or heating is lost through windows. Crimsafe Security Screens can improve the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of your windows by as much as 52%. Think of the savings!

  • Insect & Pest Protection
    Crimsafe stainless steel security mesh and frame system for doors, windows and outdoor areas protect you from intruders and insects.
    • Crimsafe® products keep pests out the screw-clamp design combined with Tensile Tuff never permits a gap to allow pests through.  These products LAST. They will not deteriorate, allowing spaces for bugs and pests to find.

  • Commercial & Industrial Security
    Commercial premises need heavier protection than domestic residences. There may be very high value items inside and not many people around to notice the break-in.
    Crimsafe's Commercial Systems are incredibly strong.
    • Tamper-proof screws every 25mm along the clamp.
    • Screws are drilled into the clamp in a staggered fashion to stand up to even extreme pressure without weakening the mesh.
    • Clamp-to-mesh contact area is doubled for extra vice-like grip.
    • More than 60% increased thickness of the aluminium frame to significantly increase the screen's resistance time under even the heaviest attacks.

  • Low Maintenance Alternative to Railings Balustrades or Pool Fencing
    Crimsafe’s Balustrade System provides a strong and attractive fencing alternative.
    • This completely engineered system even complies with building codes for  swimming pool safety.

Crimsafe Security Screen Doors

Beat more burglars with the only security mesh that’s screw-clampedTM !

Crimsafe doors are attractive and strong…

Crimsafe’s doors for your home are available in standard frames, colonial designs or cast panels and can even be recessed into solid wood frames for a natural timber look. Crimsafe doors can be hinged or sliding.

All Crimsafe doors feature the unique Crimsafe screw-clamp system. Tamper-resistant screws go through a metal clamp, then through the Tensile Tuff mesh and then they’re driven right into the frame, to hold the mesh in a "vice-like" grim which gives the door enormous strength against attack.

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